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The choice of finish is important to enhance your photography and to assure a good conservation over time.
All the prints of the photographic works presented are realized in Digigraphie®. It is a professional label high-end printing on high quality certified paper (Hot Press Bright 305 gr). The inks used are made from mineral pigments encapsulated in resin (Ultrachrome™ & Ultrachrome™ K3). They ensure the sustainability of the print in time over several generations.
The chosen render is a matte rendering with a velvet finish for an optimum development of the contrasts and deep blacks.

Types of finish proposed:
Aluminium Mount
The photographic print is laminated to edges on a sheet of Dibond®. It is a patented product composed of 2 thin aluminum plates of 0.012 inches assembled around a compact polyethylene foam. It is stainless, rot-proof, corrosion resistant and UV resistant. The assembly of those materials guarantees lightness and rigidity to the entire panel (0.12 inches), and a perfect flatness also.
A turning offset aluminum chassis is fixed on the back. Your work is thus ready to be hung.  
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